Excel Formulas and Functions

Learn how to use VLOOKUP function

VLOOKUP function can be used to lookup and retrieve data from a given column referenced by a value of the first column.The data set should have been arranged in columns to make it possible to work this function. Following example of finding the price and stock count of a product referenced by the given product

Latest Excel functions which makes your life easier

Microsoft Excel is very popular spreadsheet application software used by a large number people globally.It mainly used for data organizing, manipulation, analyzing and visualizing purposes. There are number of useful Excel functions and they add new functions time to time for make our lives more easier. In this small tutorial I will introduce a few

PMT function in Excel – 5 Minute Easy Guide

PMT function description PMT function in excel can be easily used to get total loan payment per period assuming equal payment and constant interest rate. PMT function parameters = PMT(rate,nper,pv,fv,type) rate : This is the interest rate for a period. Since here the annual interest rate has been given, we have to divide that value

How to return the row number of a matched value in Excel?

There are two parts of the solution for how to return the row number of a matched value. First part is to search and find the position of the match value in the given column. Part two is to get the row number of the matched value. When you need to search a specific value

How to use IF function in excel

Hope you understood how to use IF Function clrealy.If you have encounter with any issue using if function, or you want to have more complex case, feel free let us hear about it in the comment section below. Video Tutorial on how to use IF function