Excel Macros and VBA

Hidden ways to Change Case in Excel

Change case is one of the primary formatting type used in text.Using Excel worksheet functions it is possible to change strings to UPPER,lower and Proper Cases.Here you can additionally know how to extend this capability to change strings to Sentence case.

How to create a macro in excel 2016?

You can easily create a macro in excel by using Excel Macro Recorder or by writing macros with visual basic for applications code on excel. The easiest method to create a macro in excel is to use the “Record Macro” feature. Alternatively, we can write macros with visual basic for application code on Excel. Why

View code in excel macro and easily modify as you wish

What is excel macro code? Codes for excel macros are written in the programming language called as “Visual Basic for Applications” or commonly knows “VBA”. You can build simple macros for tasks like highlighting the selected cell texts to more advanced programs for automatic chart generation, data analyzing, report generation and printing, interact with other

Write excel macros using VBA – A simple Guide

In this tutorial you will learn how to write a excel macro using vba codes (Visual Basic for Applications). This will be the foundation for a tutorial series that gives your essential understanding of how to use VBA applications and macros to make you a pro excel user. I have used Microsoft office 365 version