Insert a USB Plug Super Efficiently!

  • Post published:June 2, 2019
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  • Post last modified:April 26, 2020
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Can you insert a USB plug into USB port at once every time? Or else are you rotating it up and down every once and a while or peek into the side of your laptop to check what way it should be?

In this news article , it highlights that 9 out of 15 people tried to insert the usb plug wrong way around first time.

In this question entry posted in the stackexchange, someone asks why it takes at least three tries to insert a USB plug into the port.It received 259 up-votes proving the point.

So here is the solution for all of your hassle.

USB is a globally recognized standard. Therefore, every USB device should have same standard unless it is a non-standard product.

Identifying the assembly of the USB plug

In each USB jack there is a standard front and backside. In most of the USB cables or device, this front side marked with standard USB symbol. Others might have printed their trademark also.

standard symbol on usb plug

Other method is there are two small square holes on the metal part of the USB jack. When you see from front side, you can clearly see through those holes, as they are open. When you see from backside, you will see that they are closed. Therefore, you cannot see through.

pexels photo 1972572

So using one above two methods, you should be able to identify front and back side of the USB jack.

Now, when you insert a USB plug in to a port it is important that you keep in mind about these two sides.

Identifying the USB port assembly

We can group USB ports in to two categories based on their fixing.

  1.  Horizontally fixed
  2.  Vertically fixed

Horizontally fixed USB ports mostly available in laptop. Other devices likes USB hubs, wall outlets also might have these.

Vertically fixed USB ports mostly available in Desktop Computers, USB hubs or wall ports also.

Despite what device you have, you just need to know whether it has vertically fixed or horizontally fixed USB port.

Inserting USB plug into a USB port

So if you have horizontally fixed USB port you should keep the front side of the USB jack to the top side.

Instead of that, if you have a vertically fixed USB port; you should keep the front side of the jack facing to the right hand side.

If you remember this tip, you will never need to double check why you cannot put it in the port.