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Install Custom function in excel as a add-in : 4 Steps

You might already know how to create user defined custom function in excel or macros to achieve your day-to-day tasks in excel. Do you know how to make these precious little features make available to each workbook you open? This is where the option called Excel Add-ins comes into play. According to Microsoft, an Excel

Create a Drop Down Menu in Excel In 5 Minutes

In Microsoft Excel, it is possible to add a drop down menu to select inputs to a cell from a predefined list by using data validation feature. In our Soccer Prediction App tutorial we created a drop down menu. So if you want you can download the excel file to see a practical example. There

15 Excel Tips essential for any one

Learn 15 excel tips that will improve your excel skills and save your time

Everything about copy formula in excel

Copy formula in excel cell to another cell Use the following steps to copy formula in one cell to another cell in excel. Step 1 Select the Excel cell containing the formula that needs to copy. Step 2 Press the “Ctrl” and “C” keys in the keyboard. Alternatively, you can right click the cell containing