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Formulas and Functions

Learn how to use VLOOKUP function

VLOOKUP function can be used to lookup and retrieve data from a given column referenced by a value of the first column.The data set should have been arranged in columns to make it possible to work this function. Following example of finding the price and stock count of a product referenced by the given product

Latest Excel functions which makes your life easier

Microsoft Excel is very popular spreadsheet application software used by a large number people globally.It mainly used for data organizing, manipulation, analyzing and visualizing purposes. There are number of useful Excel functions and they add new functions time to time for make our lives more easier. In this small tutorial I will introduce a few

PMT function in Excel – 5 Minute Easy Guide

PMT function description PMT function in excel can be easily used to get total loan payment per period assuming equal payment and constant interest rate. PMT function parameters = PMT(rate,nper,pv,fv,type) rate : This is the interest rate for a period. Since here the annual interest rate has been given, we have to divide that value

How to return the row number of a matched value in Excel?

There are two parts of the solution for how to return the row number of a matched value. First part is to search and find the position of the match value in the given column. Part two is to get the row number of the matched value. When you need to search a specific value

How to use IF function in excel

Hope you understood how to use IF Function clrealy.If you have encounter with any issue using if function, or you want to have more complex case, feel free let us hear about it in the comment section below. Video Tutorial on how to use IF function

Data Analysis

Learn about Analysis ToolPak and How to Activate

Analysis ToolPak is a very powerful Microsoft Excel add-in which has a pack of tools you can use to do data analysis tasks such as ANOVA test, descriptive statistics, generating histograms and regression analysis. Total of nineteen analysis tool are there in this add-in that comes with the latest Microsoft Excel version which Excel 2019.

Linear Regression analysis in Excel- A complete guide

In this tutorial, we discuss how to do a regression analysis in Microsoft Excel.If you do not know where is the regression in excel, what are functions and methods we can use to do regression analysis and how to interpret the regression analysis results, this is the best tutorial for you.

One variable data table in excel – Easy 5 Step Guide

This tutorial created using Microsoft Excel 2016. Other compatible versions are Excel for Office 365 Excel for Office 365 for Mac; Excel 2016; Excel 2019 for Mac; Excel 2013; Excel 2010; Excel 2007; Excel 2016 for Mac; Excel for Mac 2011. If you find any issues using Data Tables in those versions, please leave a

Two Variable Data Table In Excel – Easy 4 Step Guide

This tutorial created using Microsoft Excel 2016. Other compatible versions are Excel for Office 365 Excel for Office 365 for Mac; Excel 2016; Excel 2019 for Mac; Excel 2013; Excel 2010; Excel 2007; Excel 2016 for Mac; Excel for Mac 2011. If you find any issues doing regression analysis in those versions, please leave a

What is Pivot Table feature in Excel ?

Microsoft excel Pivot table is a very powerful feature, if not the most powerful feature available for data analyzing and summarizing. But it is also a least understood feature by the most. I ask you to closely follow this tutorial series. Then, you will learn how easy to use the Pivot Table feature. May be

How to create a Pivot Table in Excel?

In the previous tutorial we learnt what is the pivot table feature in Excel. In this tutorial you will be able to learn how to create a Pivot Table. Let’s move straight into a simple example. This guide will be very easy and useful for you to understand the essential steps of how to create

Excel Applications

Build your own soccer prediction application

Predicting the outcome of a soccer match is extremely important for betting enthusiasts and of course for the betting companies. Betting companies use very sophisticated statistical and analytical models to set the odds for specific outcome. You might have already noticed that favorite outcome has lowest odds while the unlikely outcomes have highest odds. If

Health plan comparison with Actuarial Value Calculator (AV Calculator)

Introduction This calculator helps you to compare different health plans and decides what is more beneficial to you. The Actuarial Value Calculator (AV Calculator) is designed to give an estimate of the actuarial value for a given health plan design. This version of the AV Calculator uses data from a large national commercial database to

Macros and VBA

Hidden ways to Change Case in Excel

Change case is one of the primary formatting type used in text.Using Excel worksheet functions it is possible to change strings to UPPER,lower and Proper Cases.Here you can additionally know how to extend this capability to change strings to Sentence case.

How to create a macro in excel 2016?

You can easily create a macro in excel by using Excel Macro Recorder or by writing macros with visual basic for applications code on excel. The easiest method to create a macro in excel is to use the “Record Macro” feature. Alternatively, we can write macros with visual basic for application code on Excel. Why

View code in excel macro and easily modify as you wish

What is excel macro code? Codes for excel macros are written in the programming language called as “Visual Basic for Applications” or commonly knows “VBA”. You can build simple macros for tasks like highlighting the selected cell texts to more advanced programs for automatic chart generation, data analyzing, report generation and printing, interact with other

Write excel macros using VBA – A simple Guide

In this tutorial you will learn how to write a excel macro using vba codes (Visual Basic for Applications). This will be the foundation for a tutorial series that gives your essential understanding of how to use VBA applications and macros to make you a pro excel user. I have used Microsoft office 365 version

Computer and Hardware

Insert a USB Plug Super Efficiently!

Can you insert a USB plug into USB port at once every time? Or else are you rotating it up and down every once and a while or peek into the side of your laptop to check what way it should be? In this news article , it highlights that 9 out of 15 people

How Does Ransomware Threaten Your Information?

Few months ago, a very busy Monday morning, when I opened my laptop with lot of plans in my mind, I got very disrupting notice saying “All you files have been encrypted due to a security problem with your PC. If you want to restore them, there are two way of contact ….”. one moments